AN EVENING WITH BILLIE HOLIDAY (from slideshare) – Presentation/Coaching Example

This is mistakenly in the Coaching category. It really goes in Theatre, but needed something to put in the Coaching category.
This video played behind the performer impersonating Billie Holiday in this musical revue. For this vimeo version, I shortened all the slides to 5 seconds (just to give you an idea). On the slides that the performer sang during, I only used the musical intro.

Timecode and credits

00:00 Show Graphic
00:05 Piano player introduces Billie
00:11 “Straighten Up And Fly Right” graphic
00:26 monologue-Glad to be here
00:31 “What A Little Moonlight Can Do”
00:44 monologue-My cabaret card was revoked
00:50 “Summertime”
01:10 monologue-Learning to sing in a whorehouse/records/church
01:29 monologue-I combined the sounds of Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith
01:36 “Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer”
01:46 monologue-I like BBQ and red beans/Mom and me/Duke Ellington
02:06 “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”
02:21 monologue-Sonny got me hooked on heroin
02:28 “God Bless The Child”
02:41 monologue-Pop used to sing
02:47 “Good Morning Heartache”
03:02 monologue-I’m not doing so good here
03:09 “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”
03:18 monologue-On tour with Artie Shaw
03:25 “Strange Fruit”
05:37 monologue-I need my flowers (and stumbles offstage)
05:42 Ray Charles medley played by band
05:50 Intermission
06:08 “Lover Man”
06:19 monologue-I seen a world of doctors
06:25 “Tenderly”
06:35 “The End Of A Love Affair”
06:53 “Round Midnight”
07:00 monologue-I took the heroin rap for Sonny
07:07 “Don’t Explain”
07:22 “My Man”
07:32 monologue-I want my own small club
08:04 She stumbles offstage
08:13 Bows
08:30 Show Graphic

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