CHRMEDIA is Owned/Operated by Chris Rogers.

Chris Rogers (Owner/Operator of CHRMEDIA) working on laptop

Los Angeles

While living/working/surviving in Los Angeles, Chris got the chance to go back to school and got a degree in MultiMedia from West LA College. Working on a mostly project-based basis (web), he worked at most of the major studios. During this time, he learned how to transition from in front of the camera to behind it.

Las Vegas

Now living in Las Vegas, he often serves as the contact person for many organizations/companies that come here for conventions. One of his favorites is the MediaMotion Ball during National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Each year the number of attendees (and value of prize list) grows. Last year (2012), over 400+ attendees sat down to a dinner where the raffle prizes added up to $70,000+. Chris’ main job is creating the video loop that played during the event, showcasing all those companies’ logos, product art, yada.

Advisory Boards

Chris previously served on the Advisory Board for the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Chris was also elected to the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Board as Member-at-Large.

He was the right hand man of the founder of LA Final Cut Pro User Group (LAFCPUG). It is the largest user group in the world. LAFCPUG has 2000+ members worldwide. 500+ regularly attend every monthly meeting.

He is a frequent volunteer (since 1999) for the Motion Graphics of LA. Founded by Trish and Chris Meyer, authors of the “Bible” of Adobe After Effects, “Creating Motion Graphics” and other training tools. He is also an active contributor (since 2000) to the AE Newslist, the largest AE Community in the world with 3000+ members worldwide.

Actor website

If you would like to see Chris’ Actor website, click onto ChrisRogersTheActor.com.

WordPress Training website

If you would like to see Chris’ WordPress training website for Entertainment Professionals, click onto CraftYada.com.