After living/working/surviving in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the past 25 years, I recently moved back home to Kentucky. CHRMEDIA is a visual communications company now based in Louisville, KY. I eat Illustrator, drink Photoshop, have a serious hankering for Premiere Pro, get positively giddy over building presentations in Apple’s Keynote (vastly superior to M$ is Evil’s PowerPoint) … and mix a mean martini.

“We make you look good”

— Chris Rogers

CHRMEDIA Featured Projects


  • Media Manager – clone data from video camera flash drives and maintain integrity of data pipeline
  • Live Event – produce, create and edit when anything can happen (and usually does)
  • Video Edit – create compelling visual stories
  • Presentation Creation – no more “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Public Speaker – Chris often speaks on complex subjects with clear visuals
  • Writing – less is more
  • Web – websites and production art
  • Motion Graphics – graphic design in motion
  • Grafix – clear, bright, and snappy visuals that help explain
  • Duplication – CD/DVD copies

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No work in Las Vegas is complete without a martini.

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There are a lot of good things about working in Louisville, KY. We help you avoid the bad things. We anticipate the bottlenecks and present you with solutions. Shoot us an email and let’s get started. We look forward to speaking with you soon about how we can help with your next project. Have a great day.