Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019

I am the Media Manager/Assistant Editor for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 3 day event General Admission tickets sold out!

465,000+ attendees!


Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Media Manager-DIT

Project’s IMDB

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Tom Steel

Production Company

LivexLive (pronounced Live By Live)

Type of Production

ENG for Music Festival


See examples below.

Main Job/Responsibility

My main job was to clone the video footage onto external hard drives and maintain the data integrity in the Pipeline. The camera department would walk the memory cards into my trailer. I made sure the footage looked and sounded good. I sync up the audio and video and then gave it to one of the main editors via Sneakernet (walking external hard drive in your sneakers to one of the available Editor’s desk).

In the first couple of hours, the main Producers needed 3 clips of Emily (Host) to be edited immediately, so they asked me to bust that out ASAP. These were posted on the EDC Livestream website. They are now at the bottom of this page, under the Category “EDC Life”.

Since this was the first day of shooting, we encountered and fixed many problems on the fly, eg: when the Host is interviewing others on the street, she needs to give them some kind of a microphone to speak into. I’m glad that our team was able to adapt and overcome all the hurdles of this huge Live Event.

I worked with/learned from many heavy hitters at this event. One of my bosses just got off the new Star Wars movie – and he gave me an “Atta Boy” for my work!

Thank you to Debbi Richards for the photos. She was one of the editing machines I got to work with.

At the end of the 3 days, I then consolidated all footage from various hard drives to make sure we had backups.

Day 3 Closing Fireworks

The Day 3 Closing fireworks of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2019 were the best I’ve ever seen – in all events I’ve ever been to. If you need fireworks for your event, you should hire whoever did these.

I’ve done a lot of corporate video, but this is my first music festival. EDC is the largest dance music festival in North America. They also have music events in Mexico, Florida, Korea, and Japan.

Thank you to MG Studio for referring me.

LivexLive (pronounced Live By Live) and Slacker Radio is a “live social music network” that produced the event.

Under Insomniac’s leadership, there were zero fatalities and 65 arrests. These are significantly less than in previous years.


I have been thinking about specializing in Media Management for when these huge, Live Events come to Las Vegas. Its not very sexy, but has to be done, like housekeeping. I am doing research on the best hard drives, software, workflow, taking online classes, webinars, yada.

I’ve started developing a Best Practices/Workflow specific to Live Events and for High, Medium and Low Budget shoots. The key is getting to the Producers a week or so BEFORE the event to set all this in motion. Unfortunately, many times this type of organization is done on the fly/first day of event when all the editors are stressing/trying to figure everything out.

I made many good connections and look forward to working with both LivexLive and Insomniac on their future events.

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