I am the VTR Operator on this spot for Nutrisystem.

Marie Osmond’s skin is the most beautiful of any person I’ve ever seen – ever.


Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem


VTR Operator

Project’s IMDB

Not listed



Michael Gaskell

Production Company

MG Studio

Type of Production

TV Commercial



I really enjoyed working this production. As the VTR operator, I was sitting right next to the Client and Ad Agency. We got along so well, they even asked my opinion on some of the takes!

Marie Osmond is gorgeous in real life. Previous to this, I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of hers, but her skin is probably the best of any celebrity I’ve ever seen. Her makeup was flawless. She should pay her makeup person double the standard rate.

“Nutrisystem got me back on track.”

I’ve got to be honest. I was overweight and out of shape. I didn’t feel good. I was tired. My joints ached. My confidence was down. Like so many of you, I was unhappy about how I looked and how I felt. I knew I was getting older but I didn’t want to feel older. Plus, talk about stress. Here I am, a single mom managing a career. It was very easy to put on a few pounds here and a few pounds there. Sometimes life just gets you off track and before you know it, you’re 50 pounds heavier. Well, Nutrisystem got me back on track.

“Wow! I feel so healthy!”

When I started Nutrisystem, my first goal was to be healthy. But as a woman I love having a small waistline and an even smaller backside. And I have to admit, thanks to Nutrisystem, I have both. I have so much energy now, too. I haven’t had this kind of energy in at least 10 years. I feel like getting out and rock climbing and biking, and doing things I love doing but didn’t because I was overweight. I feel better, and I feel younger, too. They say you can’t turn back time. Well, look at me and say that. Because I say you CAN.

“My family is so proud of me!”

I admit it. I love to get compliments. It makes me feel good to hear that I look great. A while back, my brothers came out to visit me in L.A. They couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost, so I got Jimmy, Jay and Merrill on the program. But I have to tell you that the best compliment I received was from my 19-year-old daughter. The other day she looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said, “Wow, mom. You look great. I think you are a hottie!” Look. Losing weight may not make me a better mom. But it does make me a happier mom. As women, we spend a lot of time caring for everyone else but spend zero time for ourselves. I finally did something great for me so I could do something great for my family.

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