Secret Celebrity Renovation

Secret Celebrity Renovation Featured Image

I am the Media Manager for Season 3, Episode 2 of Secret Celebrity Renovation on CBS. It is a series giving celebrities a chance to gift a surprise home renovation to a person who helped guide them to success. This is Season 3 for the show! Title Secret Celebrity Renovation Season 3, Episode 2 Role … Read more

T-Mobile Project 10 Million

T-Mobile Project 10 Million Featured image

I am the DIT for the Louisville, KY portion of the T-Mobile Project 10 Million. T-Mobile is traveling all over the country and filming some of the lucky recipients of their initiative to close the Digital Divide. 5 MILLION+ youths have already been awarded! Title T-Mobile Project 10 Million Role Media Manager-DIT Production Company T-Mobile … Read more

Into the Wild Frontier

Featured Image Into The Wild Frontier

I am the Media Manager – DIT for Into the Wild Frontier (season 3), a historical reenactment tv show produced by Warm Springs Productions. This was shot in Lexington, KY Fall of 2022 and will be broadcast Spring/Summer of 2023 on Inspire TV (INSP). This is the 2nd TV show I’ve worked on since moving … Read more

Life is Beautiful 2022

Featured Image Life is Beautiful 2022

I am the Media Manager Assistant for the Life is Beautiful 2022 outdoor music festival in Downtown Las Vegas. 170,000 + attendees! Title Life is Beautiful 2022 Role Media Manager Production Company Fortress Entertainment Type of Production Internet Main Job/Responsibility I am the Media Manager Assistant. I collected all the video and audio files and … Read more

Destination Heaven

Featured Image Destination Heaven

I am the Media Manager – DIT for Destination Heaven, a new TV show produced by Sony Pictures Television. This was shot in Lexington, KY Summer of 2022 and will be broadcast Spring/Summer of 2023. Dean Batali (That 70s Show) is the Showrunner. Harry Lennix and Doug Jones are the Stars. Title Destination Heaven Role … Read more