BWAY REVUE Onstage Video Projection Ideas

These ideas show how onstage video projections can be economically created using only performer’s headshots, show logos and sheet music. This content can also be reused to create advertising, marketing, propaganda to show in theatre lobby, create video clip to post to website, yada. Timecode: 00:00 Title Graphics 00:06 Pre-Show: Las Vegas Stock Footage 00:30 … Read more


This video loop was projected onto a 6 foot tall screen above the main stage at the beautiful Solera at Anthem Clubhouse. All of the content was pushed to the bottom of the frame due to limitations of the space. The content includes show logos and titles of the songs sung by the cast. Photos … Read more

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL onstage video projections

SHAKE is a musical revue put together by the great Audrei-Kairen, a frequent Director I greatly enjoy working with. We were hired to create the video that played before the show started, in between acts, and after the show. We used a lot of video and stills from the early days of television, so the … Read more

BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS Opening Title Sequence and onstage video projections

This live musical was staged at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. The Producers asked me to create an opening credit sequence that was projected onto screens on each side of stage.

GRAND OLE VEGAS REVUE onstage video projections

This show played at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Client asked us to produce these live, onstage video projections (on huge screens at each side of the stage) at the beginning of each vignette, in the style of a traditional vaudeville production. I really like mixing new media and old.