Testimony Featured Image

I created the End Credits for Testimony. The Director was in a time crunch for festival submission. I wanted to use a new piece of software to create the rolling end credits, but Director needed these ASAP. This short is already an Official Selection of the Golden State Film Festival 2024 and will be shown … Read more

Evil Within

Evil Within Featured Image

I created the End Credits for Evil Within. This post is a placeholder until I finish the project. A young woman’s past and present come crashing together with deadly consequences. Title Evil Within Role End Credits Project’s IMDB imdb.com/title/tt3590820/reference/ My IMDB https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1193155/ Production Company Hybrid Images Entertainment Director Joshua Allen Type of Production Experimental Short … Read more

Paul Blart: Mall Cop End Credits (Demo)

This is an example of (our version of) a “Basic” End Credit Sequence for a Hollywood feature film: White text on black background, Helvetica font, scrolling at the After Effects “Magic Scroll” speed. This was originally created at 2K. All audio and logos are owned by their respective owners.

EXIT 38 End Credits

These are the end credits I did for a movie a long time ago. Just found when cleaning out some old files. For the IMDB page, click here.


This movie was directed by Eduardo Carillo (a friend of mine in Miami) several years ago. He hired me to create the End Credits for his baby. My first project out of college at the dawn of the DV Revolution, this movie will always have a special place in my heart. It embodies everything the … Read more