BWAY REVUE Onstage Video Projection Ideas

These ideas show how onstage video projections can be economically created using only performer’s headshots, show logos and sheet music. This content can also be reused to create advertising, marketing, propaganda to show in theatre lobby, create video clip to post to website, yada.

00:00 Title Graphics
00:06 Pre-Show: Las Vegas Stock Footage
00:30 National Anthem
00:46 “Summer Lovin’” from GREASE
02:46 “Ease On Down The Road” from THE WIZ
03:56 “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from ANNIE
04:31 “Jesus Christ Superstar” from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR
07:54 Bows
08:30 Thank you for attending
08:34 Lobby slideshow
08:39 Music from
08:52 Performers

... and then you said ...

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