2013 SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Holiday Mixer

This video loop was projected onto an 8 foot tall overhead screen and all of the monitors around the venue during the Holiday Mixer hosted by the SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes past year’s union work, events, yada. I first proposed the idea of this event back in 2009 to the President and was appointed Chair (and the SAG Awards Viewing Party). Big Thank You to Bobbie Wolff for all the photos (except headshots) and all the 400+ attendees!

00:00 Title Graphics
00:05 2012 Holiday Mixer
01:50 Production – Theatrical Contracts
02:30 NV Local Board
03:12 Production – Modified Low Budget Contracts
03:30 www.sagaftra.org
03:39 Production – Ultra Low Budget Contracts
04:20 19th Annual SAG Awards Viewing Party
05:58 Production – Short Contracts
06:21 Pictures courtesy of Bobbie Wolff
06:31 Production – Student Film
06:50 www.sagaftra.org/production-center
07:00 Production – Documentary Contracts
07:09 2013 Halloween Parade
08:12 Production – Television Contracts
08:30 www.sagaftra.org/nevada
08:40 Production – Commercial Contracts
08:49 2013 Membership Meeting
09:50 Production – New Media Contracts
10:43 Events Committee
10:52 Conservatory
12:00 Video courtesy of Chris Rogers/CHRMEDIA

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