For the Love of Lily

I am the DIT for For the Love of Lily (formerly known as The Night Lily). We shot this romantic comedy in Somerset, KY in May 2023. As the DIT, my job is to collect all the video and audio files and clone them onto various hard drives. I ensure the integrity of the data thru the Production Pipeline.

KY has one of the highest film incentives (30 – 35%) in the country!


For the Love of Lily


Media Manager-DIT

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Production Company

RNR Media
We Make Movies


Ben Meyerson



Type of Production



We shot in RED format (.R3D). I offloaded using ShotPut Pro onto 2 hard drives. I then brought the files into DaVinci Resolve, applied REC. 709 LUT and exported Proxies. In Premiere Pro, I worked as an Assistant Editor and organized all the footage in the Project Bin according to Scenes Numbers. I created Timelines for all the Scenes, exported and uploaded to the production company’s Vimeo account for review.

And of course, paperwork/emails to all. I did all this for 13 days. I shipped an external shuttle hard drive to the Editor half way thru so he could start his job.

At the end, I separated the Hard Drives from their Enclosures and gave them to the Producer and Unit Production Manager.



DIT and Gear Pictures

Below are some pix of me doing my job as DIT and Gear Pictures.

  • chris & Maxx (2nd AC)
  • gear - Red Camera side
  • chris & Ben (Dir)
  • chris pick up cards on set
  • chris & Thomas (DP)
  • gear - Red Camera back
  • chris & Derrick (Audio)
  • DIT - card pouch outside
  • chris & Nick (UPM)
  • DIT - card pourch inside
  • DIT - empty case waiting for drives to be inserted
  • DIT - sliding drives into case

Behind the Scenes

Below are a few Behind the Scenes photos from the shoot. Thank you to the crew for all the pictures. Most of these came from the very cool Social Media app PhotoCircle. Highly recommend using it.

  • CREW - Full Shot
  • set1
  • set2
  • set3
  • set4 - roof setup
  • set4 - roof spray to mimic sudden shower
  • set4 - roof in between shots
  • set4 - roof garland
  • set4 - roof Roberta (2nd AD) & Nick (UPM)
  • Nunzio on chair
  • Nunzio on couch
  • crew - video village
  • gear - wheels Eli (Best Boy) & Frank (Key Grip)
  • gear - video village
  • crew22 - art truck
  • crew12
  • crew - barbie in bank
  • crew - video village2
  • crew - Steve (PA)
  • crew - on street with van
  • crew - Katrina (2nd AD)
  • crew - Justin (PA)
  • crew - girls with moustache
  • crew - G&E
  • crew - erik (UPM) feet1
  • crew - erik feet2
  • crew - erik feet3
  • crew - erik feet4 barbie
  • crew - Charles (Locations)
  • crew - bernie Thomas (DP)
  • crew - bernie Max
  • crew - Ben (Dir) with cat Photoshopped in
  • chris thumb jammed in car door
  • chris on patio
  • guys
  • boat9
  • boat2
  • boat10 - view from back
  • blue m&m
  • beer


Kentucky Entertainment Incentive (KEI) Program is the government name for the Incentives available to filmmakers.

The purpose of the KEI Program is to encourage:

  • The film and entertainment industry to choose locations in the Commonwealth for the filming and production of motion picture or entertainment productions;
  • The development of a film and entertainment industry in Kentucky;
  • Increased employment opportunities for the citizens of the Commonwealth within the film and entertainment industry; and
  • The development of a production and postproduction infrastructure in the Commonwealth for film production and touring Broadway show production facilities containing state-of-the-art technologies.

More examples

For more examples of my Media Manager-DIT work, click here.

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