Into the Wild Frontier

I am the Media Manager – DIT for Into the Wild Frontier (season 3), a historical reenactment tv show produced by Warm Springs Productions. This was shot in Lexington, KY Fall of 2022 and will be broadcast Spring/Summer of 2023 on Inspire TV (INSP).

This is the 2nd TV show I’ve worked on since moving back home to KY this summer!


Into the Wild Frontier


Media Manager-DIT

Project’s IMDB


Production Company

Warm Springs Productions

Equipment (Client’s)

Hardware (My Gear/Kit)



  • Offload data using ShotPut Pro to 2 x 48TB OWC Hard Drives and LaCie 2TB Rugged Hard Drives
  • Log data into MicroSoft Excel Card Log
  • Transcode footage using DaVinci Resolve 18
  • Organize footage by Scene, pull Selects, put into Timeline, compress, output, upload to servers every day for 6 weeks
  • Put data on Shuttle Drives and FedEx to Post at end of every week

Type of Production



When the trailer is uploaded, I will post it here. Below is the Trailer from Season 1 to give you a taste.

Behind the Scenes

Below are a few Behind the Scenes photos from the shoot.

  • Chris Rogers and some of the camera crew
  • Chris Rogers and more camera guys
  • camera card cases and flags
  • slate
  • Nick Daniel (Audio) doing the audio card switcheroo
  • camera gear 1
  • camera gear 2
  • camera gear 3
  • camera room
  • dropped jar of peanut butter


I was hired as the Media Manager – DIT. I collected all the video and audio files and cloned them onto various hard drives. My job is to ensure the integrity of the data thru the Production Pipeline.

Into the Wild Frontier (season 3) is a historical reenactment show portraying the founding of our country. Actors impersonate George Washington, Daniel Boone, etc.

As America expands westward, intrepid explorers and rugged mountain men risk their lives to blaze new trails into the wild frontier. The promise of new lands teeming with game and other riches is an irresistible pull for fearless men such as Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger, and John Colter. But danger surrounds the hunters, trappers, and traders that the lead the way into the unknown frontier. As they push deeper into the wilderness, crossing impenetrable forests, vast mountain ranges, and unforgiving deserts, they face starvation, deadly weather, ferocious predators, and hostile Native Americans. But their descriptions of the natural wonders found on America’s frontier encourage a tide of settlers to head west, and their epic tales of adventure and survival become the stuff of myths and legends.

More examples

For more examples of my Media Manager-DIT work, click here.

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