MediaMotion Ball 2014 Video Projection Prize Loop

This video loop was projected onto two 8 foot tall screens at the SOLD OUT (400+ attendees) MediaMotion Ball 2014 dinner at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino during National Association of Broadcasters convention in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes: product shots of prizes graciously donated by our generous Sponsors, pictures of organizers, volunteers, attendees, entertainment, and prize winners from last year’s event (2013). Our Keynote Speaker was the Oscar award-winning editor of 20 FEET FROM STARDOM, Doug Blush. I am one of the Organizers and this was our 16th year of the event. I serve on the Advisory Board of the Arts Institute of Las Vegas and we were able to hire some of the students to help with the event. Thank you to all who attended!

Timecode & Credits:
00:00 MMB logo (by Chris Rogers)
00:02 Title Graphics
00:09 AJA Video Systems
00:16 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
00:53 MMB logo treatment (by Carey Dissmore)
01:03 Blackmagic Design
01:13 2013 Crew
01:20 Facebook
01:31 Co-Hosts Chris Rogers and Houston Wells
01:41 Speaker – Doug Blush bio photos
02:16 Doug Blush movie posters
02:48 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
03:21 Organizers
03:49 Maxon
03:56 Enchanted Path wine
04:11 Gamay Rouge wine
04:24 Student Workers provided by The Art Institute of Las Vegas
05:04 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
05:42 Blackmagic Design
05:51 Flanders Scientific Inc.
06:00 Video Copilot
06:07 Atomos
06:17 Wine Fun Facts
06:29 Atomos
06:38 Red Giant
06:46 Adobe
06:53 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
07:26 Twitter
07:37 SpectraCal
07:47 Pond5
07:53 SpectraCal
08:02 RE:Vision Effects
08:10 SpectraCal
08:19 Other Events/Parties
08:32 Wine Fun Facts
08:43 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
09:18 Toolfarm
09:25 Zaxwerks
09:32 Special Thanks
09:42 Imagine Products, Inc.
09:49 HDDisk
09:58 That Studio and Rampant Design Tools
10:07 Digital Anarchy
10:14 Artbeats
10:22 Betsy Holm
10:27 Other Events/Parties
10:39 2013 Winners (of Prizes)
11:19 Video Loop provided by CHRMEDIA
11:30 Mark your calendars now.
11:41 End

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(Of course, all logos, product box shots and artwork/copyrights belongs to their prospective owners, who gave us permission to use them.)

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