MediaMotion Ball (MMB) 2016 Video Projection Pause Loop

This video loop was projected onto two 12 foot tall screens at the SOLD OUT (400+ attendees) MediaMotion Ball 2016 dinner at the gorgeous Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino during National Association of Broadcasters convention in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content plays on screens up front while Sponsors are walking to podium, showing their company logo, providing visual support for their topics, yada. We switch between the main Prize loop and these Pause slides. Our Keynote Speaker was the new After Effects Evangelist Victoria Nece. I am one of the Organizers and this was our 17th year of the event. Thank you to all who attended!

Timecode & Credits:
00:00 Title Graphics
00:06 Please take your seats
00:10 Welcome to the MediaMotion Ball 2016
00:16 Houston Wells
00:21 Opening Remarks
00:25 Carey Dissmore
00:32 Steve Griffiths
00:38 Dan Spiess
00:45 Chris Rogers
00:51 Houston Wells
00:57 Robbie Coblentz
01:02 Tim Jerkovich
01:08 MMB 2015 Team
01:15 Twitter
01:21 Facebook
01:27 Betsy Holm
01:33 MMB 2015 Team
01:38 Blackmagic Design
01:52 Maxon
02:16 Chris Rogers
02:22 AJA
02:27 Video Copilot
02:31 Red Giant
04:33 Pond5
04:37 FSI
04:41 SpectraCal
04:45 Victoria Nece Keynote Speaker
07:23 G-Technology
07:27 TeamPeople
07:30 Digital Anarchy
07:34 Future Media Concepts
07:39 Mettle
07:43 LumaForge
07:47 RE:Vision Effects
07:52 Toolfarm
07:56 Premium Beat
08:00 Rampant
08:04 Blackmagic Design
08:08 Thank you for attending.
08:13 end

For more information about the MMB, go to

(Of course, all logos, product box shots and artwork/copyrights belongs to their prospective owners, who gave us permission to use them.)

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