Nancy and Stephen Cohen’s 47th Wedding Vow Renewal, Part 1

After Nancy’s near fatal illness, the Cohens bravely decided not to wait until their 50th anniversary to renew their vows, but to do it now. You would have no idea how close Nancy came to dying by watching her in the video (and especially later at the Reception). Mazel tov!

Part of the challenge of event videography, is the placement of cameras. You want to capture all the action, but not be too obtrusive. I feel we struck a nice balance.

Due to time/length/size, I split the video into two parts. Part 1 is the Ceremony itself. Part 2 is the Reception after.

Timecode & Credits:
00:00 Title Graphics
00:10 Bridal party entrance
02:33 Rabbi begins speaking
09:20 Exchange of rings
11:00 “What a Wonderful World”
13:16 Stepping on glass
14:36 End

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