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I learned all about the Ross Video Carbonite boards & Mira servers on July 27 – 28, 2022 at LMG Studios in Las Vegas, NV.

2 full days of (free) training by Ross Video!


Ross Video Carbonite boards and Mira servers




Tre James

Production Company

Production Rockstars

Behind the Scenes

Below are some photos from the training.

  • switcher 2
  • switcher 1
  • Chris Rogers with Tre James The Production Rockstar
  • Chris Rogers with Ross Trainer Les O'Reilly
  • Chris Rogers with Ross Trainer Isabelle Berthiaume
  • back of class
  • lunch provided by Ross
  • Eventbrite tickets



Ross Video Ltd is a privately held Canadian company that designs and manufactures equipment for live event and video production.

John Ross, a former engineer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation founded Ross Video in Iroquois, Ont., in 1974 to make production switchers. The primary seed funding for the company came from the sale of a vintage airplane[which?] that John Ross had restored.

The company’s first generation of switchers was the RVS family. The RVS 16–4, the first switcher made was followed closely by the RVS 10-4 (a 16–4 with 10 video inputs). The first downstream keyer (DSK) could be added to the 10-4 to allow the addition of more video layers.

2nd Generation of Switchers

Ross launched its second generation of switchers with the “500 Series” in 1978 which included Multi-Level Effects (MLE’s), letting operators preview content before putting on the air. MLE is the Ross branded term for ME.

In 1983, the company launched the Encore Memory System option which converted every switch and knob position to digital to be stored for future recall.

1990s Recession

The company was hit hard by the early 1990s recession, but has since recovered, reporting 25+ consecutive years of growth.

In November 2005, David Ross assumed the position of Chairman of the Board and is now the majority shareholder of Ross Video with over 80% ownership.

Today, the firm makes hardware and software for live and pre-programmed TV production, including cameras, production switchers, graphics, robotic camera systems, routing and infrastructure systems, signal processing solutions, production automation systems, newsroom computer systems and social media management tools. Its broadcast customers include Shaw, NBC and Univision, and its mobile productions unit produces sports events for ESPN, NBC and Fox. Ross equipment and systems have even been used to make graphics for the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards (Oscars) and Grammys.

Other Examples of Work

Click here to see more examples of my Live Event work.

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