They Rescue Horses, Don’t They?

I am the Media Manager for They Rescue Horses, Don’t They? This was shot in upstate NY, under a Shot Film Agreement, so it is not subject to the Strike.

Piper (the horse) is gorgeous & did a fantastic job on camera!


They Rescue Horses, Don’t They?


Media Manager-DIT

Project’s IMDB

Not listed yet


Production Company

Robinson Films, Inc.


Scott Robinson

Client’s Equipment

My Gear/Kit



card log
card log

Type of Production

Short Film

Behind the Scenes

Below are some Behind the Scenes photos from the shoot.

  • TRHDT Cast & Crew
  • Jillian Entenman (Prod) & Scott Robinson (Dir)
  • lunch
  • front of desk at barn
  • back of desk at barn
  • plug in at barn
  • Katie O'Connell (Exec Prod)
  • Sheldon Walker (DP)
  • John Targowski (1st AC) & Dawson Keiser (2nd AC)
  • Seth Tallman (Audio)
  • Jennifer Beliard (Unit Prod Mgr)
  • Katherine & Maxine (2 Principals)
  • Piper (Horse) & Katherine (Principal)
  • Jennifer needs electricity
  • Jennifer plugging in
  • hotel desk front
  • hotel desk back
  • chiggers & bites on leg3
  • chiggers & bites on leg2
  • chiggers & bites on leg1
  • chiggers & bites on leg4


I am the Media Manager for this shoot. That means I collected all the video and audio files and cloned them onto various hard drives. My job is to ensure the integrity of the data thru the Production Pipeline.

We were often shooting at a horse riding stable. I forgot to spray down with bug spray and got eaten up by chiggers and mosquitoes! Growing up in KY, I’m used to dealing with those kinds of bugs. I remember them attacking me as a kid, but as i got older, they didn’t seem to bother me as much. I thought my body chemistry had changed. See the gruesome pix above in gallery.

The story involves a young girl (Katherine) experimenting with drugs. Her Mother died from an accidental overdose a few years ago.

The title for this movie is a play on the 1970 classic They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Katherine Mallen Kupferer was also in Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret. Based on the classic novel, a young girl’s coming of age story. It does for girls what Stand By Me does for boys. Katherine played a friend of the Lead girl in that and provided some comic relief. I watched it before we shot this short film. Even though I’m not in the target market, I was into it and impressed at how well done it was.

Are You There God? Its Me, Margaret Info

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. is a middle-grade novel by American writer Judy Blume, published in 1970. Its protagonist, Margaret Simon, is a sixth-grader who grows up without a religious affiliation because of her parents’ interfaith marriage. This contemporary realistic novel was popular with middle-grade readers in the 1970s for its relatable portrayal of a young girl confronting early-adolescent anxieties, such as menstruation, brassieres and boys. The recipient of national honors and book awards, the novel has been challenged for its frank discussion of sexual and religious topics.

Blume said that she felt a connection with the character Margaret, which allowed the story to come “pouring out.” Blume wrote that while the story was not autobiographical, “the character of Margaret, both physically and emotionally, is pretty close to the girl I was.” Growing up, Blume said while her family was very different from the one portrayed in the book, she felt that, “like Margaret, I had a very personal relationship with God that had little to do with organized religion.


When she is 11 years old, Margaret Simon’s family moves from New York City to the New Jersey suburbs. Her mother is Christian and her father is Jewish, but Margaret was raised without an affiliation to either faith. She frequently prays to God, beginning her prayers with, “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.”

End Credits

I hope to create the End Credits for this Short as well.

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