YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN onstage video projection

I helped run a theatre company for a couple of years that developed into a very successful children’s theatre company. YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN was one of our first shows. We also used material from SNOOPY, THE MUSICAL and FREE TO BE YOU AND ME. This video was projected onto the back wall.

For this vimeo version, I shortened all the slides with no music to 5 seconds (just to give you an idea). On the slides that the performers sang during, I only used the first few seconds/phrases from the original Broadway Cast Album.

Timecode and credits

00:00 Show Graphic
00:08 “Charlie Brown, you could be” (All)
00:15 “King!”
00:24 “The World According to Snoopy” (All)
00:33 “Snoopy’s Song” (Snoopy and Company)
00:40 Show Graphic
00:46 Snoopy scene at his doghouse
00:54 “Schroeder” (Lucy)
01:10 Woodstock, “I’m in love!”
01:16 Woodstock, “She dumped me.”
01:24 Skating scene
01:47 “Catch snowflakes on your tongue.”
02:02 Show graphic
02:07 “The Kite” (Charlie Brown)
02:15 Show graphic
02:22 Charlie Brown, “I’m in love”
02:31 Charlie Brown stands by the mailbox for a valentine
02:37 Charlie Brown talks to Lucy, the Psychiatrist
02:44 Sigmund Freud
02:51 Phrenology
02:45 Lucy listens/analyzes Charlie Brown
02:59 Show graphic
03:06 Lucy asks for .05 for her time
03:14 “My Blanket and Me” (Linus)
03:26 Dancing (All)
03:42 Intermission
04:00 Show Graphic
04:06 Girls call Snoopy and Woodstock a dime a dozen
04:14 Daisy Hill (Snoopy, Woodstock, Rerun)
04:30 Charlie Brown talks to Lucy, the Psychiatrist, again
04:38 Sigmund Freud
04:46 Phrenology
04:54 Show Graphic
05:01 Cast washesLinus’ blanket
05:08 Charlie Brown is Hall Monitor
05:15 Kids accuse Charlie Brown of letting power go to his head
05:23 Book Report for teacher
05:31 She is a real little lady.
05:38 She wears matching ribbons and dress
05:45 She takes her class on safari
05:52 They pick mangoes
05:59 The chef cooks food
06:06 Tigers attack class. Class tricks Little Lady into going with tigers
06:13 Tigers eat Little Lady
06:19 Cast is in school
06:26 “Edgar Allen Poe” (All)
06:40 Cast exchanges valentines
07:01 “Poor Sweet Baby” (Peppermint Patty)
07:37 Cast goes to see a movie
07:45 Snoopy puts on a “pawpet” show
07:52 Snoopy scares cast
07:59 Show graphic
08:08 “Suppertime” (Snoopy)
08:23 Show graphic
08:28 “Glad to Have a Friend Like You” (All)
08:39 Cast lays on ground and looks up at stars
08:55 “Happiness”
09:08 “Sisters and Brothers” (All)
09:39 “If Just One Person Believes in You” (All)

... and then you said ...

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