2021 Hane’ – Saga Screenwriting Conference

I am the Tech Coordinator and Media Manager – DIT for the 2021 Hane’ – Saga Screenwriting Conference. My job is to make sure all the equipment/resources played well with each other. I also collected all the video and audio files and cloned them onto various hard drives. My job is to ensure the integrity of the data thru the Production Pipeline.

Hane’ is the Norse word for story. Saga is an epic story.


2021 Hane’ – Saga Screenwriting Conference


Technical Coordinator, Media Manager-DIT

Project’s IMDB

Not listed



Festival Director

Heidi Stangeland

Type of Production

Live Event

Behind the Scenes

Below are a few photos from the Live Event.


I am a member of Christopher Lockhart’s The Inside Pitch group on Facebook who posted he was going to be speaking on loglines. After looking at the website, I saw all the amazing speakers.

I noticed Kelly Schwarze was helping put this together. I have known/worked with Kelly for many years and asked if he could use somebody like me/my talents. He put me in touch with the Festival Director, Heidi Stangeland.

Hane’-Saga 2021 Screenwriting Conference was wildly successful! We had high level executives from ABC/Disney, Netflix, William Morris Endeavor and many others.

The most popular sessions included the Future of Streaming and Christopher Lockhart’s Logline Seminar. The conference took place in gorgeous Kanab, Utah in August 2021. If they couldn’t attend physically, many chose the Zoom option.

We are already planning for end of June 2022. Hane’-Saga is a 501c3 status pending organization.

More examples

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