Life is Beautiful 2021

I was 1 of 3 Editors for the ENG portion of the Life is Beautiful 2021 outdoor music festival in Downtown Las Vegas. The 3 day event General Admission tickets sold out in 37 minutes!

170,000 + attendees!


Life is Beautiful 2021


Video Editor

Project’s IMDB

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Tom Steel

Production Company

Fortress LA

Type of Production

Editor for ENG portion of Life is Beautiful music festival

Main Job/Responsibility

I originally planned to be out of town this weekend. They hired another editor who had a problem, so they asked me to jump in at the last minute. I was hired at midnight, the night before Day 1! Luckily, I had just bought a new 15″ MacBook Pro and a 13″ iPad Pro and hadn’t sold my older workshorse MacBook Pro, so we had some new toys to play with and use. When it comes time to render, it is always good to have extra machines to compress/output the final edit.

Behind the Scenes

Favorite performance

My favorite performance was Green Day. They still rock and are relevant, especially in today’s politically-charged climate.


Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival is an annual music, culinary, art, and learning festival held in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. It debuted in 2013 as a three-day event. In 2019, it was one of the world’s highest grossing festivals with revenues of $17.7 million.

In addition to music, Life is Beautiful has a heavy focus on art providing its attendees with massive murals and interactive sculpture exhibits. The art features both local and international artists, as well as recycled installations from Burning Man. In 2017, art collective Meow Wolf created the fan favorite “Art Motel” converting the abandoned motel at 225 North Seventh Street into a digital wonderland of art, custom-made sound, lighting and projections. The collective revamped 17 rooms and the space’s 5,900-square-foot courtyard.While the art motel did not return in 2018, that space was transformed into a new exhibit by Portuguese artist Bordalo. The new installation focused on collecting and arranging 10,000 ft of recycled trash which was then used to create six enormous animal structures, named “Wild Wild Waste”.

The Life is Beautiful Ideas series began 2015, with the idea of spreading positivity and inspiring messages to attendees. The list of speakers has included Bill Nye, IN-Q, Joe De SenaStacy LondonRu Paul, and Karamo Brown.

Other Examples of Work

Click here to see more examples of my Video Edit work.

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