GREASE onstage video projection

I helped run a theatre company for a couple of years that developed into a very successful children’s theatre company. GREASE was one of our most popular shows. This video was projected onto an 8’x6′ screen on the House Right wall.

For this vimeo version, I shortened all the slides with no music to 2 seconds (just to give you an idea). On the slides that the performers sang during, I only used the first few seconds/phrases from the movie soundtrack.

Timecode and credits

00:00 Show Graphic
00:01 Preshow video of 1950s commercials on a loop
00:07 Show Graphic
00:09 “Back to School” (from GREASE 2)
00:19 Rydell High School
00:21 “I was luggin’ boxes at Bargain City”
00:23 Show Graphic
00:25 “I was hanging around the beach”
00:27 “The only thing hanging around you, Sonny, are flies”
00:29 Show Graphic
00:31 “Why? You got psoriasis?” (This was a very popular ad campaign)
00:33 “OK girls. Let’s go get ‘em.”
00:37 “Perhaps a session of banging erasers after school…”
00:39 “Shake, Buddy”
00:41 “Good morning, boys and girls…”
00:43 “Saturday night will be our school pep rally and bonfire”
00:49 “If you can’t be an athlete…
00:51 be an athletic supporter”
00:53 “The National Bandstand television show has selected…”
00:55 Rydell High School
00:57 “You got drafted?”
00:59 Show Graphic
01:01 “I hope you’ll be at cheerleader tryouts”
01:03 Show Graphic
01:05 “Any of you guys see that new chick in Registration?”
01:07 “Nobody’s jugs are bigger than Annette’s”
01:09 Show Graphic
01:11 “Summer Nights”
01:27 “Summer Nights” kiss (tag)
01:41 Rydell High School
01:43 “He was a gentleman”
01:45 Rydell High School
01:47 “I thought you were going back to Montana”
01:49 “I swiped my brother’s ID”
01:51 “Guys are rats”
01:53 “They are fleas on rats”
01:55 “They are amoebas on fleas on rats”
01:57 “Good afternoon, Rydell”
01:59 “Welcome back our own Mr Spears, after his miraculous recovery from mental exhaustion”
02:01 Rydell High School logo
02:03 “If you play an instrument, …
02:05 It is better to play with a group…
02:07 than with yourself”
02:09 Girl plays guitar live (covers scene change)
02:11 Ipana toothpaste commercial
02:24 Show Graphic
02:26 Rizzo tried to talk Sandy into smoking
02:36 “And that is how I got my nickname, Frenchy”
02:38 “Let’s get this party going”
02:44 “I had some champagne at my cousin’s wedding, once”
02:47 “Hey Sandy, would you like me to pierce your ears?”
02:50 “I’m going to be a beautician”
02:54 “My Mother will kill me if I get blood all over the carpet”
02:56 Show Graphic
02:58 “From Freddy in Korea”
03:00 “He’s a Marine”
03:04 “She saw the blood and blech”
03:10 “I have been accepted to the LaCoiffure Beauty School”
03:12 “Freddy, My Love”
03:22 Show Graphic
03:24 “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”
03:40 Show Graphic
03:42 “You goodie-goodies are too much for me”
03:44 “You’ve got a lot to offer a girl”
03:46 “Can I have some of that?”
03:48 “Wait. (squirts paper)”
03:50 “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
04:02 Commercial (with sound) to cover scene change
04:15 Rydell High School Garage
04:17 “Greased Lightnin’”
04:32 Show Graphic
04:34 “If you want to be a popular cheerleader, then do what I do”
04:36 Commercial (with sound) to cover scene change
04:48 Burger Palace
04:50 “Jocks are simpler guys”
04:52 “Too bad their brains are in their biceps”
04:54 Show Graphic
04:56 Danny orders dinner and dessert
05:04 “We can split an Eskimo Pie”
05:07 “Hey Viola. A Dog Sled Delight”
05:09 “and an Eskimo Pie with a knife”
05:11 “When you care enough to send the very best”
05:13 “My parents invite you over for tea”
05:15 Show Graphic
05:17 Putzie sings “I’m Mooning Over You”
05:29 Jan joins Putzie “I’m Mooning Over You” (tag)
05:35 “You’ve got an armed escort”
05:37 “My Mom’s Apple Pie is better than this”
05:39 Show Graphic
05:41 “I had a little trouble in tinting class”
05:43 “Maybe I could become a telephone operator”
05:45 “Beauty School Dropout”
06:13 “…unless she was a hooker”
06:15 “Beauty School Dropout” finish

06:21 Intermission/Commercials (with sound) on loop

06:43 “Grease” main theme
06:58 Gym decorated for the Dance
07:00 “You make friends with the camera man”
07:02 Gym decorated for the Dance
07:04 “Did you bring the provisions?”
07:06 Gym decorated for the Dance
07:08 “(Cha-Cha) with the worst reputation”
07:10 “Hi. I’m Vince Fontaine”
07:12 “I come into your room every night. Over KZAZ.”
07:14 “Maraschino. You know, like the cherry?”
07:16 “Washing my hands”
07:18 “She (Cha-Cha) is an old friend”
07:20 “Blondes do have more fun”
07:22 Rydell High School Fight Song
07:27 No heinie biting
07:29 “Here he is. Mr. Vince Fontaine.”
07:31 “All couples must be boy – girl”
07:33 “If you are tapped on the shoulder, please leave the dance floor immediately”
07:35 “No tasteless or vulgar dancing”
07:37 “Can we keep it clean, please?”
07:39 “Thank you fans and friends, odds and ends.”
07:41 “Hello. Welcome to the National Bandstand”
07:51 “Broadcasting live from Rydell High School”
07:53 “with the national recording artist, Johnny Casino”
07:55 “This is the event you’ve all been waiting for, the National Bandstand National Dance-Off”
07:59 “Born to Hand Jive”
08:22 “Now let’s meet them”
08:24 “Cha-Cha DiGregory and Danny Zuko”
08:26 “Blue Moon”
08:37 3 Boys moon the audience
08:39 “We have pictures of you so-called Mooners”
08:41 “those pictures are on their way to Washington, where experts at the FBI…”
08:43 “If you turn yourself in, you may escape federal charges”
08:45 Show Graphic
08:47 Commercial (with sound) to cover scene change
09:02 Rydell Drive-In
09:04 “The Blob” trailer
09:29 “I feel like a defective typewriter”
09:31 “You think you’re P. G.?”
09:33 “Stranded at the Drive-In”
09:50 Commercial (with sound) to cover scene change
10:07 “Sandra Dee” reprise
10:29 Show Graphic
10:31 “You think I don’t know what people are saying about me”
10:33 “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”
10:45 Commercial (with sound) to cover scene change
10:59 “Before the merriment of commencement commences…”
11:01 “…among you there may be a future…”
11:13 Show Graphic
11:15 “It is for a wonderful cause — the Teachers Retirement Fund”
11:17 “All you have to do is come back to summer school”
11:19 “Get off that thing in your condition”
11:21 “I’ll make an honest woman of you”
11:23 “Hey, there’s Zuko”
11:25 “Is it Halloween?”
11:27 “Where did you swipe the letterman sweater?”
11:29 “While you were out swiping hubcaps, I lettered in track”
11:31 “Tell me about it, Stud”

... and then you said ...

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