HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH onstage video projection

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH onstage video projection

This was projected onstage during the production of this live musical theatre piece. Normally staged with a skeleton cast, we fleshed out all the members that Hedwig spoke/sang about.

For this web version/to approximate what you would have seen in the audience, I shortened all the slides to 2 seconds (just to give you an idea). On the slides that the performer sang during, I used the Original Broadway Cast Soundtrack recording.

Timecode and credits

00:00 Hedwig Overhead Projections
00:02 Preshow video (scenes of Germany) and audio loop
00:25 “Tear Me Down”
00:53 Hedwig brags about being a world traveller
00:55 Hedwig feels trapped like being on the Titanic
00:56 Welcome to the fabulous first night of my unlimited NY run
00:57 Glad you aren’t just sitting on the couch…
00:59 …making babies
01:01 joke about the Village People
01:03 show graphic
01:05 Hedwig wishes Tommy would apologize
01:07 show graphic
01:09 Hedwig imagines getting interviewed by TV Reporter
01:11 How did some slip of a girlyboy from communist East Berlin
01:13 GNOSIS (Tommy’s band) Tour of Atonement is at Giants Stadium
01:15 show graphic
01:17 Tommy barely mentions Hedwig on The Larry King Show
01:19 “Ventura Highway”
01:21 show graphic
01:23 Hedwig’s Father
01:25 Hedwig’s Mother
01:27 Hedwig watches JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR on Armed Forces Television.
01:47 Hitler also died for our sins
01:49 show graphic
01:51 Hedwig plays in the oven
01:53 montage of Hedwig’s musical influences
02:05 show graphic
02:07 “…and the colored girls sing…”
02:20 show graphic
02:22 “The Origin of Love”
03:24 show graphic
03:26 Yitzhak holds up mirror to Hedwig
03:28 Hedwig rewards Yitzhak by allowing him to shave his back
03:30 Hedwig speech about money
03:32 Yitzhak thought he might want to be a foot model
03:34 Yitzhak calls Hedwig a bitch
03:36 Yitzhak calls Hedwig a bitch again
03:38 show graphic
03:40 Hedwig opens door and Tommy’s concert music pours in
03:42 show graphic
03:44 Hedwig’s lawyers (Johnny Cochran, Robert Kardashian and Miss Cleo)
03:48 show graphic
03:50 A limo drives by
03:52 They drive up and down the island
03:54 Hey. Look out for that bus.
03:56 As if I’d accept their filthy money
03:58 Hedwig’s new perfume – Atrocity
04:00 “Comfortably Numb”
04:12 show graphic
04:14 Hedwig always gets the UnHappy Meal
04:20 “Sugar Daddy”
05:09 “(I’ve got an) Angry Inch”
06:00 “White Wedding”
06:28 “America”/Luther cheats on Hedwig
07:20 “Wig in a Box”
08:18 “Random Number Generation”
09:07 show graphic
09:09 Hedwig’s aunt gives her a fur coat
09:11 In her fur coat, Hedwig feels ghettofabulous
09:13 safer to harass rich women, rather than motocycle gangs
09:22 show graphic
09:24 Hedwig sings, “Papa? Can you hear me?”
09:26 Run Yitzhak – Immigration!
09:28 Look Yitzhak – Barbra Streisand!
09:30 show graphic
09:32 Okay, okay…You came her to hear me talk about Tommy Gnosis.
09:34 show graphic
09:36 Tommy when Hedwig first meets him
09:38 Tommy’s truck has a Christian fish symbol on it
09:40 Hedwig sees Tommy in the bathtub
09:42 Hedwig forms her first band
09:44 show graphic
09:46 Hedwig’s band’s first gig
09:48 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
09:50 show graphic
09:52 We’re talking to the Phil Collins people. But then, aren’t we all?
09:54 “Wicked Little Town”
10:30 The shroud of Hedwig
10:32 Hedwig teaches Tommy how to play the guitar
10:34 Traveling exhausts Hedwig
10:47 His face might have been a Yes album cover it was so still
10:49 Have you accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as your personal savior?
10:51 I told him I was aware of Our Lord. Loved His work.
10:53 God tells Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
10:55 show graphic
10:57 Hedwig teaches Tommy using her Oven Method
10:59 Hedwig gives Tommy the name, Gnosis.
11:01 They play the Sizzler
11:03 Hedwig’s trailer
11:05 Hedwig’s neighbor sings non-stop
11:07 show graphic
11:09 like Mick Jagger’d back-up singer
11:11 show graphic
11:13 Hedwig’s trailer
11:15 When Paradise was lost
11:17 Just kiss me while we do it
11:19 “Long Grift”
11:43 Tommy performs at the 1997 MTV Music Award
11:45 GNOSIS (Tommy’s band) logo
11:47 show graphic
11:49 “Hedwig’s Lament”
12:32 “Exquisite Corpse”
12:59 “Midnight Radio”
13:32 Show logo
13:34 Tommy sings to Hedwig “Wicked Little Town”
13:36 Show logo
13:38 Curtain Call/Bows

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