HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH onstage video projection

This was projected onstage during the production of this live musical theatre piece. Normally staged with a skeleton cast, we fleshed out all the members that Hedwig spoke/sang about.

For this web version/to approximate what you would have seen in the audience, I shortened all the slides to 2 seconds (just to give you an idea). On the slides that the performer sang during, I used the Original Broadway Cast Soundtrack recording.

Timecode and credits

00:00 Hedwig Overhead Projections
00:02 Preshow video (scenes of Germany) and audio loop
00:25 “Tear Me Down”
00:53 Hedwig brags about being a world traveller
00:55 Hedwig feels trapped like being on the Titanic
00:56 Welcome to the fabulous first night of my unlimited NY run
00:57 Glad you aren’t just sitting on the couch…
00:59 …making babies
01:01 joke about the Village People
01:03 show graphic
01:05 Hedwig wishes Tommy would apologize
01:07 show graphic
01:09 Hedwig imagines getting interviewed by TV Reporter
01:11 How did some slip of a girlyboy from communist East Berlin
01:13 GNOSIS (Tommy’s band) Tour of Atonement is at Giants Stadium
01:15 show graphic
01:17 Tommy barely mentions Hedwig on The Larry King Show
01:19 “Ventura Highway”
01:21 show graphic
01:23 Hedwig’s Father
01:25 Hedwig’s Mother
01:27 Hedwig watches JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR on Armed Forces Television.
01:47 Hitler also died for our sins
01:49 show graphic
01:51 Hedwig plays in the oven
01:53 montage of Hedwig’s musical influences
02:05 show graphic
02:07 “…and the colored girls sing…”
02:20 show graphic
02:22 “The Origin of Love”
03:24 show graphic
03:26 Yitzhak holds up mirror to Hedwig
03:28 Hedwig rewards Yitzhak by allowing him to shave his back
03:30 Hedwig speech about money
03:32 Yitzhak thought he might want to be a foot model
03:34 Yitzhak calls Hedwig a bitch
03:36 Yitzhak calls Hedwig a bitch again
03:38 show graphic
03:40 Hedwig opens door and Tommy’s concert music pours in
03:42 show graphic
03:44 Hedwig’s lawyers (Johnny Cochran, Robert Kardashian and Miss Cleo)
03:48 show graphic
03:50 A limo drives by
03:52 They drive up and down the island
03:54 Hey. Look out for that bus.
03:56 As if I’d accept their filthy money
03:58 Hedwig’s new perfume – Atrocity
04:00 “Comfortably Numb”
04:12 show graphic
04:14 Hedwig always gets the UnHappy Meal
04:20 “Sugar Daddy”
05:09 “(I’ve got an) Angry Inch”
06:00 “White Wedding”
06:28 “America”/Luther cheats on Hedwig
07:20 “Wig in a Box”
08:18 “Random Number Generation”
09:07 show graphic
09:09 Hedwig’s aunt gives her a fur coat
09:11 In her fur coat, Hedwig feels ghettofabulous
09:13 safer to harass rich women, rather than motocycle gangs
09:22 show graphic
09:24 Hedwig sings, “Papa? Can you hear me?”
09:26 Run Yitzhak – Immigration!
09:28 Look Yitzhak – Barbra Streisand!
09:30 show graphic
09:32 Okay, okay…You came her to hear me talk about Tommy Gnosis.
09:34 show graphic
09:36 Tommy when Hedwig first meets him
09:38 Tommy’s truck has a Christian fish symbol on it
09:40 Hedwig sees Tommy in the bathtub
09:42 Hedwig forms her first band
09:44 show graphic
09:46 Hedwig’s band’s first gig
09:48 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
09:50 show graphic
09:52 We’re talking to the Phil Collins people. But then, aren’t we all?
09:54 “Wicked Little Town”
10:30 The shroud of Hedwig
10:32 Hedwig teaches Tommy how to play the guitar
10:34 Traveling exhausts Hedwig
10:47 His face might have been a Yes album cover it was so still
10:49 Have you accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as your personal savior?
10:51 I told him I was aware of Our Lord. Loved His work.
10:53 God tells Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
10:55 show graphic
10:57 Hedwig teaches Tommy using her Oven Method
10:59 Hedwig gives Tommy the name, Gnosis.
11:01 They play the Sizzler
11:03 Hedwig’s trailer
11:05 Hedwig’s neighbor sings non-stop
11:07 show graphic
11:09 like Mick Jagger’d back-up singer
11:11 show graphic
11:13 Hedwig’s trailer
11:15 When Paradise was lost
11:17 Just kiss me while we do it
11:19 “Long Grift”
11:43 Tommy performs at the 1997 MTV Music Award
11:45 GNOSIS (Tommy’s band) logo
11:47 show graphic
11:49 “Hedwig’s Lament”
12:32 “Exquisite Corpse”
12:59 “Midnight Radio”
13:32 Show logo
13:34 Tommy sings to Hedwig “Wicked Little Town”
13:36 Show logo
13:38 Curtain Call/Bows

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