SAG NV Holiday Mixer 2010 video projection loop

This video loop was projected onto an 8 foot tall overhead screen and several monitors around the venue during the Holiday Mixer hosted by the local Nevada branch of Screen Actors Guild in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes: Prizes graciously donated by our generous Sponsors, Pictures of Volunteers and Members doing their acting thang around town. I have been Chair of this (and the SAG NV Awards Show Viewing Party) for the past 2 years. This wildly successful event had over 600 people! Thank you to all who attended!

Timecode & Credits:
00:00 Title Graphics
00:11 Cici’s Pizza/Raffle Prize
00:25 Goldman & Associates/Special Thanks to
00:41 Golden Steer/Raffle Prize
00:54 Volunteers
02:21 Joe’s Crab Shack/Raffle Prize
02:33 Memphis Championship BBQ/Raffle Prize
02:46 Ken Howard/SAG National President
03:00 Carolers
03:10 Psychic Sight/Raffle Prize
03:26 Herbally Grounded/Raffle Prize
03:37 SAG Indie/New Media
03:51 Karaoke Korner/Raffle Prize
04:09 Barb Grant/SAG NV Branch President
04:21 Tommy Rocker’s/Raffle Prize
04:33 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid & Chris Rogers/Film Incentives
04:45 Simply Delicious/Raffle Prize
04:55 Planning Committee
05:34 Southern Wine & Spirits of America/Raffle Prize
05:48 Las Vegas Shakespeare Company/Raffle Prize
06:02 SAG NV Walks with AFL-CIO
06:13 Amy Aquino/SAG Secretary Treasurer
06:25 Style America/Raffle Prize
06:42 The Lion King/Raffle Prize
06:56 A Jew Grows in Brooklyn/Raffle Prize
07:13 Linda Dowell/SAG Regional Branch Executive Director
07:26 Goldman & Associates/Special Thanks to
07:41 Tommy Rocker’s/Raffle Prizes
07:52 Chris Rogers/SAG Holiday Mixer 2010, Chair
08:06 Amy Seddon/Raffle Prize
08:17 Twocan Productions
08:27 SAG NV Talks with ProWerks
08:36 Yellow Rose Studio/Raffle Prize
08:51 Hornitos Tequila/Raffle Prize
09:04 Raffle Prize Committee
09:40 SAG water bottles/Raffle Prize
09:52 David White/SAG National Exec Dir
10:03 World Atlas/Raffle Prize
10:15 Goldman & Associates/Special Thanks to
10:32 Amy Aquino visits NV Branch
10:43 SAG T-shirts on sale
10:56 CHRMEDIA/Video loop courtesy of
11:18 End Graphic

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(Of course, all logos/artwork/copyrights belongs to their prospective owners, who gave us permission to use them.)

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