MediaMotion Ball 2011 Video Projection Loop

This video loop was projected onto two 8 foot tall screens during the recent SOLD OUT (300+ attendees) MediaMotion Ball dinner during National Association of Broadcasters convention in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes: Prizes graciously donated by our generous Sponsors, Pictures of Organizers, Volunteers, Entertainment, and last year’s event (2010). I am one of the Organizers and this was our 14th year of the event. Thank you to all who attended!

Timecode & Credits:
00:00 Title Graphics
00:10 Brian Maffit/Flying Car Limited
00:16 Welcome to Las Vegas sign
00:34 Dave Bittner/Pixel Workshop
00:41 AJA/Plantinum sponsor
00:52 MMB Organizers
01:27 Maxon/Gold sponsor
01:35 MMB Volunteers 1
02:58 Blackmagic Design/Gold sponsor
03:05 MMB Volunteers 2
04:24 Adobe/Silver sponsor
04:31 Betsy Holm/Music
04:37 Automatic Duck/Silver sponsor
04:44 GenArts/Silver sponsor
04:50 Sahara
04:57 Pond5/Silver sponsor
05:04 MMB 2010 Pictures
06:34 Brian Maffit/Total Training
06:41 RE:Vision Effects/Silver sponsor
06:47 Digital Production Buzz/Alliance
06:55 Red Giant Software/Silver sponsor
07:03 Las Vegas SuperMeet/Alliance
07:09 SmartSound/Silver sponsor
07:17 Artbeats/Bronze sponsor
07:54 AJA/Plantinum sponsor
08:04 Singular Software/Bronze sponsor
08:11 Maxon/Gold sponsor
08:18 Toolfarm/Bronze sponsor
08:25 Blackmagic Design/Gold sponsor
08:32 Zaxwerks/Bronze sponsor
08:39 Adobe/Silver sponsor
08:46 AE Scripts & Plug-ins/Prize Only sponsor
08:54 Automatic Duck/Silver sponsor
09:01 AV3 Software/Prize Only sponsor
09:08 GenArts/Silver sponsor
09:15 Digieffects/Prize Only sponsor
09:21 Pond5/Silver sponsor
09:28 Digital Anarchy/Prize Only sponsor
09:35 RE:Vision Effects/Silver sponsor
09:41 Focal Press/Prize Only sponsor
10:18 SmartSound/Silver sponsor
10:25 MMB Organizers
11:01 G-Technology/Prize Only sponsor
11:08 MMB 2011 Volunteers 1
12:31 Imagineer Systems/Prize Only sponsor
12:38 MMB 2011 Volunteers 2
13:57 Matrox/Prize Only sponsor
14:03 Motion Conference/Prize Only sponsor
14:09 AJA/Platinum sponsor
14:19 Sahara
14:26 MMB 2010 Pictures
15:55 Cycore Systems/Prize Only sponsor
16:02 MMB Organizers
16:38 Luxx/Prize Only sponsor
16:45 Betsy Holm/Music
16:52 Digital Juice/Prize Only sponsor
17:00 CHRMEDIA/Video loop courtesy of
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(Of course, all logos, product box shots and artwork/ copyrights belongs to their prospective owners, who gave us permission to use them.)

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