SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local Holiday Mixer 2012 Video Projection Loop

This video loop was projected onto an 8 foot tall overhead screen and all of the monitors around the venue during the Holiday Mixer hosted by the Nevada Local of SAG-AFTRA in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes pictures from the past year’s events, franchised agency and Casting Director logos, yada. I have been Chair of this (and the SAG NV Awards Show Viewing Party) for the past 4 years. Big Thank You to Bobbie Wolff for all the photos (except headshots) and to all the 400+ attendees!

Timecode & Credits:

00:00 Title Graphics
00:12 Volunteers
02:08 SAG Awards Gala Viewing Party
04:23 Spring General Membership Meeting
05:16 Merger
06:34 Executives
06:16 Agencies
06:47 NV Local Board
07:35 Casting
08:17 Fall General Membership Meeting
09:09 Halloween Parade
10:19 Unions on the Set
10:39 Photos Courtesy of Bobbie Wolff
10:48 Connect
11:11 Video Courtesy of Chris Rogers/CHRMEDIA

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