SAG NV Holiday Mixer 2011 video projection loop

This video loop was projected onto an 8 foot tall overhead screen and all of the monitors around the venue during the Holiday Mixer hosted by the local Nevada branch of Screen Actors Guild in Fabulous Las Vegas! The content includes pictures from the past year of behind the scenes/on set photos of SAG shoots, trailers from various SAG members’ projects and SAG members at SAG events,

I have been Chair of this (and the SAG NV Awards Show Viewing Party) for the past 3 years. I was recently elected to Council Member at Large for a 3 year term.

The Council decided to have a smaller, more intimate party this year, compared to last year’s of 600+. Thank you to all of the 200+ who attended this year!

Big Thank You to Bobbie Wolff and Mike Rizza for all the photos.

Timecode & Credits:

00:00 Title Graphics
00:13 SAG NV Holiday Mixer 2010 photos
03:54 LAY THE FAVORITE photos
05:11 SAG NV Council (in Attendance)
09:17 CSI:LV “Maid Man” photos/trailer
10:34 Capital One photos/commercial
11:25 SAG NV Halloween Parade photos
13:09 HERE COMES THE BOOM photos
16:07 MY MOTHER’S CURSE photos
16:45 IT’S KARMA, BABY photos/trailer
18:15 RAISING HOPE photos/trailer
20:37 SAG Awards Show Viewing Party photos
22:46 SWEET NINJA BROWN photos/trailer
25:19 SAG NV Holiday Mixer 2011 Planning Committee photos
25:40 SAG National Officers photos
26:13 Video loop courtesy of CHRMEDIA/Chris Rogers
26:27 End graphic

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