The Perfect Wife

I am the Media Manager for The Perfect Wife, a true crime drama. This was shot in upstate CA and will air on Hulu in Summer 2024.

Wow, Variety says The Perfect Wife is the highest rating docuseries that Hulu has EVER shown!
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Due to the sensitive subject matter, I can’t post many specifics. I had to sign an extremely strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). I got permission to post these Behind the Scenes pictures as long as no specifics are given away.

Ruger (the dog) is a natural!


The Perfect Wife


Media Manager-DIT

Project’s IMDB


Production Company

JA Productions, a division of Marwar Junction


Michael Beach Nichols

Client’s Equipment

My Gear/Kit



Type of Production

TV, true crime drama


Behind the Scenes

Below are some Behind the Scenes photos from the shoot.

  • 16 Sierra Arnold - 1st AC and me
  • 01 production office
  • 02 brand new in box hard drives and shuttles
  • 03 laptop & iPad
  • 04 3 hard drives and 2 shuttles
  • 05 hubs and stinger
  • 06 2 do tray
  • 07 dun tray
  • 08 DIT sign and contact info
  • 09 slate
  • 10 camera
  • 11 crew photo at dinner
  • 21 Office #2 desk top
  • 22 Roling case and laptop case
  • 27 Yeah, I'm negative
  • 20 Office #2 desk side
  • 14 Ruger guarding Craft Services
  • 15 Ruger checking IDs
  • 12 whirlpool


I am the Media Manager for this shoot. That means I collected all the video and audio files and cloned them onto various hard drives. My job is to ensure the integrity of the data thru the Production Pipeline.

Why are true crime dramas so popular?

From podcasts to true crime documentaries to detective novels, it’s not difficult to imagine why true crime media has become so popular. Here are a few of the most popular theories.

True crime gives an insight into our culture and norms as well as our anxieties and values. Researcher and author Coltan Scrivner states the popularity of true crime, the success of horror films and the quantity of violence in the news suggests that “morbid curiosity is a common psychological trait”. It feeds our natural desire to solve puzzles and mysteries.

It also gives us an insight into why other people may act the way they do and allows us to examine the darker sides of humanity from a safe distance. We can vicariously experience extreme situations (i.e., allows us to experience physical and emotional responses from the safety of our home).

A 2010 study by the University of Illinois (Vicary and Fraley, 2010) suggests that true crime stories are particularly popular with women, which may link to their fear of being victimised.

We can therefore hypothesize that consuming content about crime may provide us with a feeling of control and knowledge about an inherently uncertain and often anxiety-provoking world. It is also worth remembering that, as humans, we are designed to pay particular attention to certain features, which helps us to learn and gather information. For example, threatening information often spreads very fast (e.g., Blaine & Boyer, 2018 as cited in Scrivner 2021). Evolutionary this makes sense as an awareness of threat can be useful to us in several ways including safety.

More examples

For more examples of my Media Manager-DIT work, click here.

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