WordPress Theme 2016 slides

I am presenting to various groups on the Importance of using the standard yearly themes included with WordPress (2017 Theme, 2016 Theme, 2015 Theme, yada). I prefer the WordPress 2016 Theme. At bottom of this post are some slides to get an idea of the core content. I then individualize each presentation to the topic of each group, eg: Blogging, Internet Marketing Video, yada. This video is from my presentation to the Las Vegas WooCommerce Meetup on April 17, 2016.

Program Description: A common misunderstanding among WP users is they believe the default Yearly Themes (Theme 2016, Theme 2015, yada) are too boring/basic to use. This presentation will discuss why you should use them as a starting point to develop your site and then move on to a different theme (if necessary).

Slides are here.

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